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GT-XT 10,400 lb. GVWR

GT-XLT 14,000 lb. GVWR

+2 Series 14k GVWR

Aardvark 14k GVWR

Aardvark 16k GVWR

Tilt Bed Trailer 16k Aardvark

Gatormade equipment trailers are generally low profile trailers with the deck between the fenders and a deck width of 82 inches or less. This low stance makes these trailers comfortable to load equipment on and allows easy access to the trailer deck. Often these trailers attach to the bumper of the tow vehicle and have two axles. They range in lengths from 12’ to 22’ with payload capabilities of 3-1/2 to 7 tons.

Equipment trailers are most often used for hauling heavy equipment such as skid steers, trenchers, tractors and other farm machinery. Deck over trailers and more often Low Boy Trailers are used as car haulers. We offer a good selection of deck over equipment trailers, low profile equipment trailers, tilt bed equipment trailers and gooseneck equipment trailers.

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