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Gooseneck Trailers

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Gatormade Inc. manufactures the finest Gooseneck trailers available in lengths from 25 to 45 feet in GVWR ratings from 14,000 or 14k to 30,000 or 30k. Our Elite series of Gooseneck trailers provide industry leading features and the absolute best value in the marketplace. We take great pride in working with our customers to meet their hauling demands whatever the application may be. The Gooseneck trailer incorporates a pivoting coupling arm that attaches to a ball that is mounted in the bed of the tow vehicle. Ideal placement of the ball coupler is directly over the tow vehicles rear axle. Gooseneck trailers are excellent for towing heavy loads and equipment due to their increased stability since any lateral load pressure is transferred down directly to the tow vehicles rear axle and distributed to the ground through the tow vehicles tires. The typical bumper pull style trailer exerts much more pressure on the tow vehicle further back and lower which can lead to inefficient weight transfer. We offer a selection of models and styles all in various sizes including single axle gooseneck trailers, tandem axle gooseneck trailers, dual tandem axle gooseneck trailers, and tri-axle gooseneck trailers. We have gooseneck flatbed trailers, gooseneck equipment trailers, gooseneck car trailers, gooseneck cargo trailers, or gooseneck dump trailers. If you need a gooseneck flatbed trailer, gooseneck equipment trailer, gooseneck car trailer, gooseneck cargo trailer, or gooseneck dump trailer we have what you need!

Gooseneck Trailers For Sale:

Gatormade 16k tandem axle gooseneck trailer
The Gatormade 16,000 lb. Elite Tandem Flatbed Gooseneck trailer has a G.V.W.R rating of 16,000 lbs. and comes standard with 5/16“ x 35“ safety chains, 2 (10,000 lb. lift, 12,000 lb. static) dual speed bolt on jacks with spring loaded feet.
Manufactured by: Gator Made Inc.
Model: 16K Tandem Axle
Product ID: 2gn2527k

Gooseneck Trailer 20k Tandem Axle
If you need more payload than our 16k goosenecks offers than this is the trailer for you. Featuring 17.5“ Commercial grade steel wheels and 16 ply load range ”G“ radial tires this is a surprisingly affordable trailer that is ready to meet your needs.
Manufactured by: Gator Made Inc.
Model: 20K Tandem Axle
Product ID: 2gn25210k

Gooseneck Trailer 24.9K Tandem Axle
Our 24.9k GVW rated Elite Series Dual Tandem Gooseneck Trailer is what you're looking for if you're searching for a professional quality trailer with extra wide ramps, dual jacks, mounted spare tire, locking chain box, spot light bar and much, much more. There is no better quality available for the money than this trailer. If you are seriously considering a gooseneck that is made to last, and professionally built look no further.
Manufactured by: Gator Made Inc.
Model: 24.9K Dual Tandem Axle
Product ID: 2gn25224k

Gooseneck Trailer 30K Tri Axle
Our largest GVW gooseneck will meet your heaviest hauling demands. The elite tri-axle gooseneck trailer is an excellent gooseneck trailer that is ready to work!
Manufactured by: Gator Made Inc.
Model: 30K Tri-Axle
Product ID: 2gn25230k

Gooseneck Trailer 14K Low Profile Elite Series
Our Low Profile Gooseneck trailer has a G.V.W.R. rating of 14,000 lbs. and comes standard with 2 cambered 7,000 lb. axles with electric brakes, side rails, rub rail and stake pocket positioned on 22" centers. The flooring is 2" treated pine screwed to the crossmembers.
Manufactured by: Gator Made Inc.
Model: 14K Low Profile Elite Series
Product ID: 2gn20214k