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16k Tandem Axle Gooseneck

Gooseneck Trailer 16k Tandem Axle

The Gatormade 16k gooseneck trailer has been engineered to be the longest lasting, best looking, and most valuable gooseneck trailer in its weight class. This trailer is the perfect for those who have the materials or equipment that require overall weight carrying capacity of 10500lbs. The gator 16k gooseneck is well suited for hot shot freight services, oil field supply contractors, natural gas drillers, pipe haulers, mud motor suppliers, bit service companies, energy field suppliers, equipment companies, skid loaders, back hoes, man lifts, small bull dozers, and tractors. Many users also use our flatbed series trailers as a platform to permanently mount specialized equipment, such as: chemical spray equipment and tanks.

Features Explained

Standard Features:

  • 40 inch wide power x 60 inch (L) assist ramps up and down
  • Enclosed wiring
  • Gator Tuff powder coat finish
  • Steps on each side of bed with boarding handles
  • 102 inch overall bed width
  • Modular sealed wiring harness
  • Mounted spare tire
  • Self cleaning dovetail
  • Complete breakaway kit with batter and charger
  • Lockable steel toolbox with lid holder between gooseneck uprights
  • Rubber mounted sealed lighting
  • Winch plate in deck
  • Stand-up ramp bars
  • Safety reflective marker tape
  • Driver side mounted type ABC fire extinguisher
  • All LED lighting
  • Work light bar on top of the neck

Optional Features:

  • 14 ply radial tire upgrade
  • 20+5, 25+5 lengths
  • Under the deck steel storage box
  • Weld-on D-rings
  • Removable stake pocket D-rings
  • 6 ft X 8 ft deck over neck
  • Ratchet rail with slide ratchets
  • No dovetail
  • 5th wheel gooseneck coupler

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