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Step 1

Shoot a short video, standing in front of your recently-purchased Gatormade Trailer, reviewing some of your favorite features. You may use your phone – no editing necessary. Make sure you hold your camera horizontally, not vertically. Please make sure to include in the video what you use your trailer for, your favorite features, and if you would recommend Gatormade Trailers to others.

Step 2

Download this video release form. Sign and send it with your video. You don’t need to scan – simply take a photo and submit (as a pdf or jpeg image) with your video.

Step 3

Email a link to download your video to, or use the form below to submit. Include your name, profession, address, phone number, and what you use your trailer for.

Required Specs

• Hold camera horizontally
• Record in HD or higher
• Upload in highest resolution possible
• Trailer must be 1 year old or newer

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